Monday of the Ninth Week in Ordinary Time

Lectio Divina
Readings of the day: RB 7:49-50Mass: 2 P 1:2-7; Resp Ps 91; Mk 12:1-12

I am struck by two passages today. The first comes from the second Letter of St Peter and is fairly straightforward: Make every effort to supplement your faith with virtue, virtue with knowledge, knowledge with self-control, self-control with endur
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Saturday of the Sixth Week of Easter

Lectio Divina
Saints Nereus and Achilleus (Martyrs on the Via Ardeatine, c.5th century)Saint Pancras (Martyr on the Via Aurelia, c.304)
Saints Aquila and Pricilla

Readings of the day: RB 2:11-15Mass: Ac 18:23-28; Resp Ps 47; Jn16:23b-28
Apollos was
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Lectio Divina

Readings of the day: RB Readings of the day: RB 45 Mistakes in the OratoryThe Commemoration of the Lord’s Entrance into Jerusalem: Mk 11:1-10 or Jn 12:12-16Mass: Is 50:4-7; Resp Ps 22; Ph 2:6-11; Mk 14:1-15:47

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Tuesday of the Second Week of Lent

Lectio Divina
Readings of the day: RB 21 The Deans of the MonasteryMass: Is 1:10, 16-20; Resp Ps 50; Mt 23:1-12

The greatest among you must be your servant.Whoever exalts himself will be humbled;but whoever humbles himself will be exalted.
Jesus’ words contradict contemporary ways of thinking where the ri
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Saturday before Epiphany, Saint André Bessette (d. 1937)

Lectio Divina

First Saturday of the Month
Readings of the day: RB Prol. 39-44Mass: 1 John 5:5-13; Resp. Psalm 147; Mark 1:7-11 or Luke 3:23-38

From his fullness we have all received, grace upon grace.(Communion Antiphon, Mass)
Saint Benedict exhorts us to
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