Sunday Homily: Love of God, Love of the Stranger, and Love of Self

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30stSUNDAY in ORDINARY TIME – A  –     October 29, 2017     br. Daniël[Ex 22:20-26;  1Thess1:5c-10;  Mt 22:34-40]
   Jesus is involved in a series of debates with the Jewish religious leaders. As soon as the Pharisees learn that Jesus has silenced the Sadducees, one of them comes up with a new question: ‘Teacher, which commandment in the Law is the greatest?’ As a good Jew, Jesus begins by quoting the most fundamental one: ‘Love God
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Saint Martin de Porres (1579-1639)

Lectio Divina
Readings of the day: RB 27Mass: Romans 9:1-5; Resp. Psalm 147; Luke 14:1-6
Jesus’ openness to others, including those who meant him harm, knew no bounds. Jesus embraced everyone: those who watched him closely and tested him, others who tried to run him out of town; the jealous, envious, and self-righteous; the sick, lame, despised, poor, weak, and shunned. Saint Martin de Porres followed Jesus giving witness to His boundless love. He nursed and cured the sick and plague-stricken; he was especially d
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Lectio Divina
Readings of the day: RB 26Mass: Wisdom 3:1-9; Resp. Psalm 23; Romans 5:5-11 or Romans 6:3-9; John 6:37-40Readings of the day: RB 26

Mass: Wisdom 3:1-9; Resp. Psalm 23; Romans 5:5-11 or Romans 6:3-9; John 6:37-40
Ujehova ungumalusiwami angiyikuswela.
If my memory serves me right, the above is Psalm 23:1, in Zulu. This psalm verse became dear to me when I was serving in the U.S. Peace Corps in the Republic of South Africa nearly 20 years ago. It happened on se
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Lectio Divina
Readings of the day: RB 25Mass: Rev. 7:2-4, 9-14; Resp. Psalm 24; 1 John 3:1-3; Matthew 5:1-12a
By word and example, the saints kindled and enlightened others, and declared for us the solemn joy of this supreme knowledge of you, for which we look hereafter, when we shall see you as you are and face to face.(William of St. Thierry)
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Formal Reception of Sr Gertrude into the Cistercian (OCSO) Order

Chapter Talks

Today on this Solemnity of All Saints we have many things to be grateful for and to ponder.  We celebrate the anniversary of the foundation of this monastery and honor our two sisters, Godelieve and Veronique, who were part of the beginning of this monastery and continue to be faithful witnesses through their monastic calling, an inspiration for all of us.  And today also is an important moment for Redwoods as you Sr. Gertrude begin your probationary period….not a small step but one clearly of faith an
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