Baptized into Christ

Chapter Talks

‘This is my beloved Son, with whom I am well pleased” (Mt..).  This encounter between Jesus and his Abba is at once revelatory and foundational for framing who Jesus is and his ministry.  Jesus is God’s beloved Son, the manifested fullness of God’s love.  Whatever Jesus does in his ministry reflects back to this defining moment and exchange of Love, a Love that is transfor
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Christmas Eve

Chapter Talks

Into what is this Child to be born?  ‘A great light shall rise in the midst of those who walk in darkness…’  ‘For those who dwell in gloom a light has shone,’ we hear from Isaiah.  A rose blooming in the midst of winter we chant from a Christmas hymn.  Into the “undefended heart” writes the poet Rilke.  And the Sisters of St. Clare in their Christmas mes
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Flesh of Our Flesh... The Who of Advent

Chapter Talks

Bernard of Clairvaux in his First Sermon of Advent jumps immediately into the meaning of Advent by asking us to ponder: “Who it is Who comes, whence He comes, and whither, why He comes and when and by what way” (On the Christian Year, p.13).  To repeat: Bernard’s first sermon reflects on ‘Who is coming’, from what place or source He comes, to where He comes, why He is coming, an
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Surrender into Advent

Chapter Talks

‘The God who is, who was and is to come’: this prayer that we chant at every office encompasses what Advent is about.  We know God is with us right now; the God who was: we are preparing to celebrate the birth of Jesus in history; and as well the God who is coming again into our hearts and in our midst.  This is the amazing gift of the Incarnation: we celebrate this gift that hap
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Feast of All Benedictine Saints

Lectio Divina
Today at Vigils we prayed:
O God, you promise those who enter the narrow gate, life in abundance.  May we learn from the example of St. Benedict and his disciples to see all things in your grace and to live in this world as your new creation.  This we ask though Christ our Lord.  Amen.This prayer links two images: the narrow gate or door, and newness o
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