Saint John Damascene (c.657-749)

December 04, 2017
Saint John Damascene (c.657-749)

Monday of the First Week of Advent
Readings of the day: RB 54:1-15Mass: Isaiah 2:1-5; Resp. Psalm 122; Matthew 8:5-11

St John Damascene, Defender of Holy Icons
LORD, I AM NOT WORTHY.                                One of the gems I have learned about seeking God in a monastery is the sooner one learns she is not worthy, the better. The road will be narrow at the outset. Still, the sooner one recognizes she is plodding along like the rest of humanity, the sooner the road will begin to widen. Such comfort in knowing I am not worthy—Jesus loves those who are not worthy—the sick, broken, wounded, bumblers and stumblers, and even those who think they are worthy! Please say the word, dear Jesus, and I will be healed.

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