Tuesday of the Thirty-First Sunday in Ordinary Time

November 07, 2017
Tuesday of the Thirty-First Sunday in Ordinary Time
Readings of the day: RB 31:1-12Mass: Romans 12:5-16ab; Resp. Psalm 131; Luke 14:15-24
Saint Paul’s Letter to the Romans is packed with wisdom for all who seek the God of LOVE and desire to grow in intimacy with Him. Saint Benedict knew this well; he profusely quotes from or alludes to Paul’s letter in the Holy Rule. Today’s first reading could easily be read alongside the chapter we reflect on for the next two days, that is, Ch. 31, “The Qualities of the Cellarer.” The seeker will easily notice how Benedict uses the Letter to the Romans in Ch. 4, “The Tools for Good Works,” Ch. 40, “The Proper Amount of Drink,” and Ch. 53, “The Reception of Guests.” It is Ch. 72, “The Good Zeal of Monks,” though, that I would like to highlight. There, Benedict refers to today’s reading from Romans three times. Ch. 72 has been called the most beautiful chapter in the Holy Rule. Today may be a good day to pray with it while also praying with Romans 12:5-16b. St Benedict1Just as there is a wicked zeal of bitterness which separates from God and leads to hell, 2so there is a good zeal which separates from evil and leads to God and everlasting life. 3This, then, is the good zeal which members must foster with fervent love: 4“They should each try to be the first to show respect to the other” (Rom. 12:10), 5supporting with the greatest patience one another’s weaknesses of body or behavior, 6and earnestly competing in obedience to one another. 7No one is to pursue what they judge for themselves, but instead, what they judge better for someone else. 8Among themselves they show the pure love of sisters and brothers; 9to God, reverent love; 10to their abbess or abbot, unfeigned and humble love. 11Let them prefer nothing whatever to Christ 12and may Christ bring us all together to everlasting life.
God sent his Only Begotten Son into the world, so that we might have life through him.(Communion Antiphon, Mass)
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