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Monastic Experience Weekends (MEW) for young Catholic women discerning God's call in their lives.

Thursday, May 16, - Sunday, May 19,  2019

This is an opportunity for those discerning a religious vocation to listen deeply to God's voice and experience the richness of monastic life: silence, the beauty of nature, private and communal prayer, and meditation. Sisters will be available to guide personal discernment.

The schedule includes participation in the monastic hours of prayer, Eucharist, and meditation with the sisters in the monastic choir. There will be conferences on prayer and monastic spirituality as well as time for hikes in our old growth redwood forests as weather and time permit. Meals will be taken with the sisters and lodging is in the Guest House. Some time for manual labor may also be included.

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Comments from past MEW participants:


"The Monastic Experience Weekend is beautiful. I realized how God invites me into prayer and awareness of His goodness, lovingness to us all."

"Personally I found the whole experience beneficial, especially meditation and lectio divina were the moments that helped me find stillness within."

"Definitely I would recommend it (the Weekend) to people even if they are not interested in monastic life, because maybe they are, but they just are afraid to show their interest."

"Everything was fantastic."

"The joyful openness everyone fosters here. I felt free to explore the forest, which I know gives me life, but also invited to interact with everyone because of the joy with which you live."

"To be given the chance to step into the life here. For me it was really valuable to experience for myself how a life of prayer actually works... not just the Office and Mass, but how work and living in the surroundings here are a part of the holistic prayer lifestyle."


Monastic life sets the seeker on a journey. We seek the One who seeks us. There is grace upon grace as we find and are found over and over again. In the context of prayer, silence, solitude, and community, this quest is nourished and shared.

If you are experiencing the stirrings of a call to monastic life, and are a Roman Catholic woman, single, between the ages of 22 and 40, and of good physical and psychological health, please do reach out to us!  

The sisters of Redwoods describe monastic life and their call in this video.

Herb Garden

To reach a true awareness of God as well as ourselves, we have to renounce our selfish and limited self and enter into a whole new kind of existence, discovering an inner center of motivation and love which makes us see ourselves and everything else in an entirely new light.

-Thomas Merton

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Our life is a pattern of prayer, study, meditation, and manual labor that is woven into the fabric of community, centered on Christ as our Lord and brother. We meet Him daily in the Eucharist, in lectio divina, and the "everydayness" of our monastic vocation.

Whether it is working at honey, tending the vegetable garden, cleaning the guest house, or cooking dinner, we strive to do all with a mindfulness that "the divine presence is everywhere." (Rule of St Benedict Chapter 19:1).

Through this life we seek the grace to leave behind the old self with its well- worn ego and put on a new self made in God's very likeness.

Slowly, in community, and with prayerful attention to our manner of living and the movements of our hearts, we seek a life in union with God so that we may offer the world a place of continual prayer.

Thank you for your love and support!

The Sisters of Redwoods Monastery