Whatever the object of my prayer,
I never pray or worship you in vain;
the very act of praying brings me rich reward.
Teach me then, Holy Spirit, to pray without ceasing,
that you may grant me to rejoice unceasingly in you.

William of St. Thierry, Cistercian Author of the 12th Century

For those who live in monasteries, the path is woven with prayer. The monastic day at Redwoods is balanced with times of silent, meditative prayer and common prayer. Prayer of praise and thanksgiving to God, prayer of supplication and need for mercy. The psalms, which are the substance of the Divine Office, give the heart the space to sing out our faith to God. They are sung acapella, on simple melodies which help to create a contemplative atmosphere.
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In communion with the whole of creation and all the peoples of the world, we receive the life of Christ especially during the daily celebration of the Eucharist. It is a pivotal moment for entering into the heart of God. We hold the needs of our world and lift them up with the bread and wine to be transformed.

The window behind the altar in the Church opens out into nature where our worship is enveloped by the wonders of God's creation. The soul cannot stop herself from proclaiming to God in the words of the ancient psalmist: "Heaven and earth are full of your glory".
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"We have known and held the love that God has for us"
1 Jn 4: 16