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I have ascended to the highest in me, and look! The Lord is towering above that. In my curiosity I have descended to explore my lowest depths, yet I found God even deeper. If I looked outside myself, I saw God stretching beyond the furthest I could see; and if I looked within, God was yet further within. Then I knew the truth of what I had read, “In God we live and move and have our being.”

—Bernard of Clairvaux, Cistercian, 12th Century

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Sister Kathy with Pope
Sr. Kathy greets Pope Francis at OCSO Papal audience, September 2022

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February 14, 2024

Fast from hurting words … and say kind words, Fast from sadness … and be filled with gratitude, Fast from anger … and be filled with patience, Fast from pessimism … and be filled with hope, Fast from worries … and have trust in God, Fast from complaints … and contemplate simplicity, Fast from pressures [...]

Fast from hurting words … and say kind words,
Fast from sadness … and be filled with gratitude, 
Fast from anger … and be filled with patience, 
Fast from pessimism … and be filled with hope, 
Fast from worries … and have trust in God, 
Fast from complaints … and contemplate simplicity, 
Fast from pressures … and be prayerful, 
Fast from bitterness … and fill your hearts with joy, 
Fast from selfishness … and be compassionate to others, 
Fast from grudges … and be reconciled, 
Fast from words … and be silent so you can listen!   Pope Francis 2021

Today, Ash Wednesday, we begin our Lenten journey towards Holy Easter.  On this day, we receive ashes to remind us of our humanity and our need for conversion.  Lent marks 40 days in which we pray, fast, and give alms.  These acts while good in themselves are meant to deepen our relationships to our neighbor, to God, and to ourselves.  By sharing through almsgiving I become closer to my neighbor. Through prayer, I listen for God’s voice in my life and allow Him to open my heart.  When I fast, I gain self-knowledge and self restraint.

May God be very close to all of us this Lent.  May Christ’s compassionate heart inspire us to love our brothers and sisters deeply and tenderly.  May Mary, the Mother of God, teach us peace.

Monastic Internship Program

Every journey is a liminal space, an in-between time, spanning where I am now and where I hope to end up. While a journey often involves some physical travel, a meaningful journey is accompanied by a displacement of a habitual dispositions and mindsets, while engaging an inner dimension….
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