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October 4, 2018

Easy to make and ready in no time. This is a go-to cookie for busy days with many guests. Makes enough batter to fill a large baking sheet (approximately12’x16′) 5 cups white flour3/4 cup cornstarch or potato starch1 cup sugar2 cups cold butter (4 sticks)(1-2 cups ground almonds -optional)  If using 2 cups ground almonds […]

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Encountering Jesus

Jesus says in today’s gospel (Jn 15:9-17), “Remain in my love.”  This is a declaration….it is spare in words, simple on one level to understand.  Imagine yourself in an encounter

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Monastery Lentils

Monastery Lentils A popular Guest House recipe that is vegan, easy to make and packed with flavor.  Recipe calls for dry herbs – but use fresh for extra flavor. Serve

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Merton In California

In May and October of 1968, Thomas Merton gave two extended conferences at our monastery.  It was literally taped on a reel to reel tape recorder.  The sisters had kept

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