Go deeper this Triduum with Reflections from our Abbey

April 15, 2022
Go deeper this Triduum with Reflections from our Abbey

The Triduum is a sacred time.  We spend Thursday, Friday and Saturday in a solemn ritual following the Lord as he undergoes his life-giving passion death and resurrection.  We begin with the Tenebrae which is a special prayer on Wednesday evening.  This service sets the tone for these days with the theme of alternating darkness and light.  

On Thursday, Jesus institutes the Eucharist which is the "source and summit" and light of all Christian life.  But the joy of Holy Thursday turns to grief as Jesus is betrayed by a disciple.  He is imprisoned, tortured, and sentenced to death.  On Friday, we follow Jesus to Calvary where he is crucified with common thieves. On Holy Saturday, like the Holy women who followed Jesus even in death, we wait by the tomb in silence.  But death does not have the final word. On the evening of the third day Christ is Risen. The Vigil celebrates Christ's victory over death and our victory in Him.  He rises with a community of believers.  This is our faith, hope and the culmination of all love.  

May these reflections from Sr Kathy, Sr. Gertrude, and our Chaplain, Fr. Simeon, offer deeper insights to this paschal mystery of God's ever faithful love.

Chapter talks from Abbess, Sr. Kathy

Daily Lectio Divina from Sr. Gertrude

Homilies from our Chaplain, Fr. Simeon:

Lenten Reflection

Palm Sunday

Holy Thursday 

Good Friday´╗┐


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