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A Monastic Day of Prayer at St Agnes Parish

A Monastic Day of Prayer at St Agnes Parish

May 2, 2019

On Saturday, April 27, Sisters Claire, Karen, and Gertrude were gifted with the opportunity to lead a Monastic Day of Prayer at the Ignatian Spiritual Life Center, a ministry of St Agnes Church, San Francisco. At the invitation of Grace Salceanu, Director of the Center, the sisters guided a group of around 17 men and women through a day that included teachings on lectio divina and the Divine Office, as well as time devoted to the practice of both. Ample time was given to silence, meditation, group sharing, and enjoying food and fellowship.

One participant‘s comments to the sisters provide a fitting summary of the day:  “I was especially moved by how the day opened with the message of Jesus alive and walking with us, but how this became real not only through the silence and prayer, but in how you each shared the journey of your personal calls to monastic life.  It was profoundly beautiful to hear your reflections and then to feel Jesus calling me, too, in my own way.  What a graced day!”


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