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He is Risen!

He is Risen!

April 18, 2022

Easter Vigil. All is silent, but full of hope.
The last Adam grasps the hand of the first Adam,
And yanks him out of his grave.
The Mother of God wipes away Eve’s tears.
All around the mortal rock of the tomb,
the garden of Eden blossoms.
(Bartholomaios I, Ecumenical Patriarch)

Here are some highlights of Easter Celebrations at Redwoods:

Sr. Gertrude sings the Exultet, the Easter Proclamation

Fr. Simeon and Sisters sing the Easter Alleluia


Easter Vigils

Easter Day Mass

This is the bare altar waiting for the Risen Christ

After lighting the Pascal candle, Fr. Simeon and Sr. Ann Marie wait for the assembly

Sr. Gertrude sings the Exultet

The altar with all our candles lit in the Pascal fire

Readings from Genesis describing the Creation

We gather around the blessed water of the baptismal font to renew our baptismal promises that we may be raised into a new creation in Christ

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