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A Summer of Rich Encounters

A Summer of Rich Encounters

September 11, 2023

Cool nights and changing maple leaves herald autumn’s approach. Yet the summer lingers in fond memories of rich encounters with special guests and monastic interns.

The Abbot General, Dom Bernardus, arrived from the Generalate in Rome for a special visit with our community. He is pictured above with the community and interns.  We are grateful for the time he spent with each one of us and our interns, sharing a vison of unity and faith for the future of the Order and our community.

This year’s interns came from many different disciplines and parts of the country: students and teachers in religious studies and divinity, philosophy, clinical psychology, and massage therapy from Texas, New York, Boston, Jerusalem, and the East Bay.  But they all came for a similar reason – to deepen their relationship with God and to experience the contemplative dimension of Roman Catholic monastic life. We are thankful for their positive energy and for the many ways they blessed our community.

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