Saint Mechtilde of Hackeborn (1241-1298)

Daily Lectio

Monday of the Thirty-Third Week in Ordinary Time

Readings of the Day:
RB: Ch 41 The Times for Community Meals
Mass: Rev 1:1-4; 2:1-5; Resp Ps 1; Lk 18:35-43

To be near God is my happiness, to place my hope in God the Lord.

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Saint Pachomius (d. 348); Saint Isidore (d. 1130)

Daily Lectio

Readings of the day: RB 2:30-32Mass: Ac 20:17-27; Resp Ps 68; Jn 17:1-11a
The above image is by The Catholic Worker artist Ade Bethune.
If only I may finish my course and the ministry that I received from the Lord Jesus,to bear witness to the Gospel of God

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Saturday of the Third Week of Easter

Daily Lectio

Saint Anselm, Bishop and Doctor (1033-1109) St Anselm of Canterbury

Readings of the day: RB 64:7-22Mass: Ac 9:31-42; Resp Ps 116; Jn 6:60-69
O God, let me know you and love you so that I may

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Saint John Bosco (Don Bosco): 1815-1888, Founder of the Salesians, Canonized in 1934 by Pius XI

Daily Lectio

Readings of the day: RB 7:34Mass: 2 Samuel 24:2, 9-17; Resp. Psalm 32; Mark 6:1-6

Saint John Bosco Today I remember a former student, now friend and ordained

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Saint Elizabeth of Hungary; Saint Hilda of Whitby

Daily Lectio

Readings of the day: RB 39Mass: Wisdom 13:1-9; Resp. Psalm 19; Luke 17:26-37

St Elizabeth of HungaryElizabeth of Hungary (1207-1231): queen; devoted wife and mother; widowed at 20; Franciscan tertiary; relieved the sick, poor, and elderly; courageous woman of faith; woman of prayer; died at

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