Pope St Gregory the Great, Doctor of the Church (540-604)

Daily Lectio

Happy Labor Day

Readings of the Day
RB: Prologue 14-20
Mass: 1 Co 2:1-5; Resp Ps 119; Lk 4:16-30

But he passed through the midst of them and went away.

Today's offering includes related quotations for your reflection, on the theme of silence, listening, and

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Saturday of Holy Week (Holy Saturday)

Daily Lectio

Reading of the day: RB 49 How Lent Should Be Observed in the Monastery

Something strange is happening—there is a great silence on earth today, a great silence and stillness. The whole earth keeps silence because the King is asleep. The earth trembled and is still becau


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Saturday of the Fifth Week of Lent

Daily Lectio

Readings of the day: RB 44 The Reconciliation of Those ExcommunicatedMass: Ezk 37:21-28; Resp Ps (Jr 31); Jn 11:45-56

‘Lazarus, come out!’(Jn 11:43)
Before we get today’s Gospel scene we find Jesus visiting his friends Martha and Mary in Bethany (Jn 11:1-44).

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Saint Paul Miki and Companions (d. 1597)

Daily Lectio

Readings of the day: RB 7:56-58Mass: 1 Kings 8:22-23, 27-30; Resp. Psalm 84; Mark 7:1-13

This people honors me with their lips, but their hearts are far from me.In vain do they worship me, teaching as doctrine human precepts.
Here, Jesus quotes the Prophet Isaiah in response to more calculated questioning. A response as

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Monastic Experience Weekends for Young Women

Daily Lectio

February 11-14, 2016 
September 1-4, 2016

This is an opportunity to listen deeply for God's voice as you experience the richness of monastic life: silence, the beauty of nature, private and communal prayer, and meditation. Sisters will be available to guide discernment.

The schedule includes participation in the monastic hours of prayer, Eucharist, and m

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